There are many ways to plan and design your kitchen garden. You could have a formal or casual style, add raised beds, or include some sort of living wall, fence, or hedge to give your spot a little more privacy and protection from the wind. Kitchen garden holds important position in one home. It is the key of good health of members of family. A garden sited just outside the kitchen is extremely convenient and will mean herbs are used with the maximum of freshness. When not using the garden for culinary purposes, a kitchen garden will also add an intense fragrance to the garden as well as the kitchen. I think everyone has their own reasons for starting a garden. One of the reasons is to cut down grocery expenses by growing our own food. If you have a small yard then it’s interesting to grow an organic garden and learn a bit about sustainable living. It feels good to do something that’s not only beneficial to us, but also friendly to the environment

It really hurts when your kitchen garden get overpopulated with different types of pests. Don’t worry. There are various methods to make your garden free from pests and insects. You can follow organic and inorganic methods to control their population. But organic method will be good for your health and environment. Take an honest look at what resources you have for your kitchen garden layout. If you already have a greenhouse, you have a great place for seedlings or herbs that need a more. If you don’t have a greenhouse or a large garden plot, away from car exhaust and tons of shade, then don’t fret. Just use a simple steel rack and flowerpots in your kitchen or front porch as your portable herb garden layout. Keep in consideration that whatever sort of garden you choose, you have to be sure the space has adequate sunlight for expansion.  An herb garden doesn’t have to be all in one patch of ground in order to be a useful, satisfying herb garden.

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