There are lots of points to maintain in mind should you wish to try your hand at developing an indoor garden. One key consideration is picking the correct location. Before finalizing your indoor herb garden plan, the foremost thing which you have to consider is the availability of light in the area where you would be planting your indoor herb garden. The spot you choose will have to get six hours of sunlight each day and not be so hot in the afternoons. There are options you can utilize if you want a certain type of indoor herb garden and know that your house is not going to provide it enough light.  You can purchase specially designed grow bulbs to supplement the amount of light the herbs are getting.  Another important aspect of your indoor herb garden plan would be the selection of herbs that you would be planting within your indoor herb garden. The herbs should be selected with care and according to availability of space and the conditions of your indoor herb garden. You can study nursery catalogs, or ask your local nursery staff, or you can just select the herbs you like the most. Your best bets are oregano, chives, mint, rosemary, basil, parsley, and thyme. These all frequently appear in popular recipes and they are all attractive and fragrant. Another important aspect of growing herb is timely watering of the plant. Water the plant only when the surface of the soil seems dry to you. Another way in which you can check whether or not it is time to water the plant is by lifting up the container and checking the weight. Herbs like the soil to drain fast. Therefore, it is essential for you to have pots with holes in the bottom. Add a layer of broken roof tiles or other flat small stones at the bottom of each container when you transplant. Water your herbs thoroughly, but less often, i.e., water the container till some water drains out from the bottom, but avoid over-watering them. After planning each and every thing, you can begin with your indoor herb gardening. Growing an indoor herb garden is a rewarding and efficient way of gaining access to fresh herbs.


Discover the pleasure and benefits of indoor herb garden. There is always need of fresh herbs in your kitchen as they are healthier and we are aware of the advantages associated while consuming herbs on consistent basis. If you live in a flat or unit, with little space for an outdoor herb garden, an indoor herb garden may be just the answer.   With your own indoor herb garden, you will have assurance of consuming healthy herbs without the application of chemical fertilizers and synthesizers. Now, when you are cooking you do not have to run to your outside garden to pick some herbs to add to your kitchen. You can simply change and grab a few leaves!

Growing your own indoor herb garden is easy. In order to plant your own indoor herb garden, the very first thing which you need to consider is designing an appropriate herb garden plan. First it must be remembered that herbs are not indoor plants, and may not give their full fragrance without fresh air and some sunshine during the day. Sufficient lighting is without doubt the most important aspect for an indoor herb garden. Herbs need sunlight to produce the essential oils that give them their flavor and fragrance. One way to create your indoor herb garden is to park a planter filled with quality potting soil and your favorite herb seeds in front of a window that gets lots of natural sunlight. These pots need to be at least 6 inches deep to give the herbs room to stretch their roots, with the bottom of the pot filled with peat or vermiculite to provide good drainage. Having gorgeous, aromatic herbs on your kitchen windowsill are a wonderful addition to most any home. Your windowsill herb garden needs to be in the direct sunlight for at least six hours; you will find that some herbs need more gentle than others. When you are thinking about buying an herb garden kit, you will discover that there are many different choices out there. Especially if you order online, make sure that you spend a small time investigating your choices to find out who has the best reputation. Consider the reviews that are open and read what others have to say about their experiences with each kit.

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