The cuckoo clocks is a kind generally provided clock pendulum which is characterized by an opening through which, every half hour, get a bird automaton that emits a song, sounds “cuckoo”. The mechanism for producing this sound was installed in the majority of cuckoo clocks. One of the largest cuckoo clocks in the world is a traditional home of the Black Forest. Mechanical cuckoo clocks have two types of machinery: a day and eight days. In the first watch equipped with the type of machinery needed to raise the weights cast-iron once a day, once in the second week. Should be noted that the majority of cuckoo clocks are manufactured using the present system of weights, very little work by string. There are cuckoo clocks with music box Swiss, listening to a melody in the hours and half hours. Overall in eight days, the music sounds just giving the hours of day and the melody is heard in both the hour and a half as the. Also make cuckoo clocks, some are running through batteries. Both the cuckoo as weights and handles are plastic and the sound of the bird is produced by traditional bellows and flutes, but by a pre recorded sound of the song's real cute, broadcasted on the hour and not averages. Neither has the distinctive drone of mechanical clocks and gong.


A unique feature in this type of watches is that they come equipped with a light sensor, which in taking off the lights at night or the cuckoo sound will stop automatically. The cuckoo clocks work like birds. The bird automatically moved the wings and beak and tail. Simultaneously could hear the song of the cuckoo produced by two organ pipes tuned to a minor or major third. So this time the mechanism was already known to imitate the song of the bird. Any mechanic or clockmaker who knew to read Latin or Italian, I knew after reading these books was quite easy to produce the song of the cuckoo to indicate the hours.


Later, cuckoo clocks appeared in regions that were not known for its watch industry. A few decades later the people of the Black Forest cuckoo clocks began to make. The first cuckoo clocks made in the Black Forest.